Tips for Sellers

Tips When Selling your House

  1. Make it clean – Inside and Outside.   Nothing makes a buyer run faster out the front door then if the house is dirty and not maintained.   You have to deep clean:  Carpets should be steam cleaned if they are noticeably dirty.  Minimally, all visual spots should be removed.  Clean the tops of the fridge, clean the oven, kitchen drawers and cupboards, bathrooms and kitchens should be spotless.    Replace all burnt out light bulbs. Don’t have the time to spend, then HIRE A SERVICE.  It’s a worthy investment and will get your home sold faster for more money.  Clean the windows inside and out!!
  2. Remove any pets that could cause a problem or leave odours behind.  Cat litters, dog smell, etc.
  3. STOP COOKING with curry, strong spices, etc. While your home is on the market you want it to appeal to the MASSES.   Keep your home smelling fresh, and odour free.  IF YOU SMOKE INSIDE – STOP.   People can smell a smoker a mile away (even smokers don’t like the smell of smoke inside a house)  Try to refrain from smoking inside.   The backyard, etc.
  4. De-Clutter!! This can not be overemphasized.  A cluttered house is a turn off to most buyers.  Rooms look spacious with less.  Closets and cabinets will be opened so don’t stuff things in them.  Either get rid of excess stuff now so you don’t have to move it or store your items off site and have them delivered to your new home on move-in day.
  5. Consider a Pre-listing home inspection. This is great for a few reasons, but the best reason is that you will not faced with any surprises once your home is sold conditional on a home inspection.  PLUS it allows you to fix any issues that do come up prior to putting the home on the market.  Do this and you will not have any issues passing the Buyers inspection.
  6. Revive and Repair the inside and outside. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way.  If you have decent hardwood under old, grungy carpet consider trashing the carpet and refinishing the hardwood.   If you have hardwood with scuff marks, have them repaired.  HALF FINISHED HOME PROJECTS deter buyers.  Leave nothing for the buyer to do except move in.
  7. Enhance your curb appeal. Most buyers will drive by a home before going inside and form a conclusion without even seeing the inside of your home.  Does your roof need repair?? Are the gutters overflowing with debris?? Does the front lawn look like the cow pasture?  Does the driveway need to be sealed??  MAKE all the necessary improvements on the outside and you will get more showings for the inside.  ALWAYS replace burnt out light bulbs,  add a fresh, new door mat and depending on the season decorate with seasonal plants or containers.    If your home has not been raked of old leaves and the hedge is overgrown, consider hiring a service that will come in on a one time basis and clean the exterior front and back
  8. DEPRESONALIZE – Put away the family photos, trophies, pet toys, etc. this will help buyers imagine themselves living in the house AND it may also keep the buyer focused on the house and not on looking at the pictures.    One thing to keep in mind also,  you never know who may be viewing the house, so if you don’t want everyone to know you are selling THEN remove yourself and your family from obvious curious buyers.
  9. PUT all valuables in a safe place. Jewellery, cameras, credit cards, ID, medications, laptops even wine should be locked away.  While you are at it, remove any fragile items that could potentially get broken.

SO before you put a sign on the lawn, do the sniff test, light up your house, clean and declutter.  Happy Selling