Typically buyers know within the first 20 seconds they are viewing a house if it is going to be a contender or not. Then buyers will walk around the house and look for reasons to support their initial feeling. Likewise, if they don’t like the home immediately, Buyers will look for any reason why the home is not suitable. This is just human nature.

Home Staging is beyond decorating and cleaning. It’s about making a home feel large, comfortable, and liveable for the potential buyers that are viewing it. It’s about them imagining what it would be like if they lived there.

Home staging is an essential marketing tool that will help you present your vacant or occupied home and gain a competitive edge over other properties your viewers are looking at. Home staging is about turning your viewers into buyers, selling your home faster, and for more dollars.

I look at home staging as a key component of your go to market plan. As part of my team, I have home staging experts that can work with us to ensure you get the maximum potential out of your home.

Some Before and After Shots: